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Subject: RE: export to opengl friendly format
From: darkness
Date: 2/27/2002 10:23 AM GMT
    I'd suggest writing your own export format - it's pretty easy, you can even do it with just COFFEE for most stuff - and then you have total control over what's been exported and how it's loaded.

    I assume by 'OpenGL context' you mean your own external engine (ie like a gaming engine, or 3d demo engine). Anyway as part of the glFur plugin I made an OpenGL context within a C4d plugin - the code is open source so you can check it out at
    (Perhaps you guys might have some suggestions :)

    On an OpenGL related note ... I've posted this before and got no answer - but does anyone know what camera matrix C4d uses for their OpenGL context (ie I don't think it's the stock standard gluPerspective() .. prob some strange transform matrix using glFrustrum() ) .. I need it to match glFur's camera to cinemas....


    >i'd like to get c4d-files to our opengl context.
    >at the moment we do this by exporting the models
    >to 3dmf and load them into our context. but this
    >quite a clumsy way of doing it. so i'm looking
    >for an easier more powerful way. first solution
    >that came to my mind was to write a cinema-plugin
    >to export into our own file format. another way
    >would be to read a format that cinema can export.
    >what do you suggest? i fancied to read cinema's
    >xml format, but i haven't found any file format
    >description. or is there anybody who would
    >provide an export source code which i might
    >modify for our purpose.
    >thanx, oliver

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