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Subject: Be Happy
From: David Farmer
Date: 3/1/2002 6:11 AM GMT
    >Sorry to hear that. I'd still like to know what
    >it is you're trying to do that requires mouse
    >coordinates in the dialog, so that it can be
    >implemented in the right way in future SDKs. I
    >could only think of tool-tips. Is that it?

    Serious Workflow Enhancements.

    It is a BUG!!! All platforms should execute functions the same. Unforunately the Mac ScreenToLocal function doesn't include the title bar of the window in it's conversion. Since it can vary based on OS text size or scheme it is wrong. A simple example of what we were doing is the right click == set to default in MAX. Now, take the to the 100th degree and you have where we were at. It all works on the PC. It is very frustrating to be that close and suffer what has become the norm ( inconsistancy over platforms ). The reason I have been so adamant about the documentation is that we could understand what the functions were supposed to do so we could easily identify bugs.

    To spend this much time to find out what is a bug is eating whats left of my brain...

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