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Subject: ASSISTANCE!!!
From: David Farmer
Date: 2/22/2002 6:39 PM GMT
    I need a resolution to following problem.

    x = msg.GetLong( BFM_INPUT_X );
    y = msg.GetLong( BFM_INPUT_Y );

    It seems that using the above within GeDialog::Message gives me global coordinates when the dialog is docked ( I have to use ScreenToLocal while adding 19 to the y component ). When the dialog is not docked I receive the exact local coordinates without using ScreenToLocal or adding 19 to the y component. This proposes a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM. Is there a way to know if the dialog is docked? Is there any documentation that would describe what the behaviour should be?

    It is very hard to guess a solution without having a clue how this stuff is supposed to work in the first place.

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